ATL supports Argonne's Cleanup of legacy waste, excess equipment and excess material

January 30, 2017, from Argonne Today | Work/Life

To date, Argonne's Clean Space Initiative has removed 195+ chemical waste items from Physical Sciences and Engineering locations; sampled, characterized, drained, and arranged for waste pickup of 100+ vacuum pumps; cleaned out 3 sea-land containers and other excess equipment for the High Energy Physics division; characterized and removed from Building 203 a cryostat, detector, glovebox, and other equipment; removed from Building 200 excess equipment and chemical waste. In the coming year, with ATL's continuing support, Argonne's Clean Space Initiative strives to remove 275 compressed gas cylinders; remove excess machine tools; remove from Building 205 two sea-land containers with equipment and waste; remove from Buildings 206, 212, 315, and 316 excess equipment and radioactive and chemical waste; and demolish Building 203 2MEV Van De Graff Accelerator.