Contract Number: N00178-15-D-8063 (Prime Contractor)
Contract Types: All contract types: fixed-price, cost-reimbursement, labor-hour, and time-and-materials (including hybrids)
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Contact Info: Beverly Harness
Advanced Technologies and Laboratories (ATL) International, Inc.
555 Quince Orchard Road, Suite 500
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

SeaPort Enhanced, or SeaPort-e, is an online platform developed by the United States Navy to provide a standardized means of issuing competitive solicitations among a large and diverse community of approved contractors. ATL has been a woman-owned small business SeaPort-e prime contract holder since April 2, 2015. Our SeaPort-e contract number is N00178-15-D-8063 and applies to seven geographic regions.

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