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Rad Facility Management and Operations

Advanced Technologies and Laboratories International, Inc (ATL) along with Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc – operates, manages and maintains the 222-S Laboratory Complex. The 222-S Laboratory Complex is a DOE Hazard Category 3 Nuclear Facility located in the 200 West Area of the Hanford Site. The 580 square-mile Hanford Site, located in southeast Washington State, was established in the 1940s as a plutonium production complex for the Manhattan Project.


The 222-S Laboratory’s primary mission is to provide analytical support for the storage and treatment of tank waste at the Hanford Site. Operation of the laboratory requires implementation of multiple programs to ensure its continued operation and the safety and health of its workers. The programs include the Worker Safety and Health Program and programs such as Radiological Control, Industrial and Chemical Hygiene and the specifically trained laboratory personnel needed to implement the programs that are required to support safe execution of laboratory activities.

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